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 Protection Plus Auto Detailing will not only help to maintain your vehicle’s VALUE, but also make you feel like you're driving a new car! Learn more

You deserve a clean shiny car...
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A vehicle’s sharp appearance demonstrates organization, efficiency, professionalism, and confidence. Auto detailing is a key maintenance service for your vehicle's appearance and value.

The ever changing New England weather takes its toll on your vehicle's finish, especially here on Cape Cod. Today’s paint finishes require clear coat protection.
We use only the highest quality products to insure your finish will maintain a deep long lasting gloss. Our methods preserves gloss longer than ordinary auto detailing. Without giving away any secrets, we take the time to perform the necessary steps that ensure the protective finish we apply to your car, truck, or SUV will last.

All Protection Plus interior auto detailings include a steam-clean shampoo of upholstery and carpets, also full detailing of leather if applicable, fine detailing of center console, dash board, compartments, door panels, door jambs and trunk.

Detailing Packages