Winter Auto Storage: $150 per month

Winter auto storage-Cape Cod and New England.
 In addition to auto detailing, we provide insured, heated, indoor storage. Cars are started every week to keep the batteries charged from November to May.

If you don't require our storage service and have a place to store your car already, here are some DIY tips:

There are several steps that you can take when storing your prized vintage cars in the winter. These usually involve simple and low cost DIY procedures . You can master these from the various online vintage car care tips and other user guides. You can easily avoid the costly spring repair bills on your vintage models by taking simple steps to reduce effects such as corrosion, perished leather, sticky clutches and brakes, flat spotted tires and varnished carburetors.

Before you lock the classic car away for the winter, car owners can start by washing the exterior and carrying out some light cleaning. To prevent the deterioration of the paintwork, it is advisable to wax-polish the car exterior to ensure its unique paintwork is preserved. Flat spotting of the vintage car tires can be prevented by pumping tires to 50psi.

Taking care of the battery is also a crucial storage step before storing your cars for the winter. The battery should be charged and the terminals coated with petroleum jelly. The terminals should be left attached to the trickle charger unless your running it on a regular basis.  The classic car should be stored in a dry and airy heated garage.