Scratches, swirl marks? We can fix that!

We specialize in swirl removal from poorly detailed cars.This is a skill that most mobile detailers don’t have the time or desire to perform. Anyone can shine up your car, but few can perform paint correction. Lighting, a controlled environment, and world class methods and materials, is what it takes to detail at this level. That’s where we come in. Many mobile and high volume “detailers” use low quality "glazes" that fill and mask scratches and swirls, we, on the other hand, correct and remove them. This is what we're known for.
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A life time of experience.
Chris Taloumis, owner of Protection Plus Auto Detailing, has a life time of experience in the industry. Opening Protection Plus in 1985, his techniques have been honed and refined over many years. There are few other auto detailing shops in the nation that can make the same claim. The work Protection Plus Auto is currently delivering to its customers is on a world class level and represents many years of experience and training. Chris is still going strong, developing new techniques and methods. He still performs all the paint correction personally.

Paint Correction