Hand Car Washing- Orleans-Cape Cod- Hand car washing at is finest

You wouldn't put your fine china in a dish washer would you? Between detailings your car needs routine washings.  Hand washing, without question, is the best way to maintain your car's like new appearance. Utilizing a 2 bucket wash system with grit guards, fresh clean water, and premium auto shampoo, our wash service will maintain your car without scratching it. Learn more

  2. Complete Wash $45.00 Car Pricing $45.00 Car Wagon Pricing $55.00 Wagon SUV Pricing $65.00 SUV/Truck Van Pricing $75.00 Van

1 Premium Interior

Hand wash, wheels, white walls, windows inside and out. Vacuum floor, dash wipe down. Any "extra attention" requested interior or exterior beyond the included scope of complete wash service will be billed at $90 per hour.

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  3. FOAM BATH MAINTENANCE: $90.00 Car Pricing $65.00 Car Wagon Pricing $65.00 Wagon SUV Pricing $75.00 SUV/Truck Van Pricing $95.00 Van

1 Premium Interior

Our pH balanced Snow Foam bath hand car washing greatly minimizes any scratching during hand washings. It’s the only way to wash a dark colored car, in our opinion. The car is washed twice.  It includes the application of premium auto foam to soak away dirt and grime, which also greatly reduces scratching. Then we perform a second hand wash, clean wheels, dry and apply nano spray sealant to your paint.  Clean windows inside and out, dashboard touched up, rugs vacuumed. The ideal maintenance hand car wash for between details.
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More details about this package.


1.EXPRESS WASH: $20.00

This is a no frills wash. It's a great fit if you only want an exterior wash and you're on the go. Recommended as a weekly routine maintenance.  




2. COMPLETE WASH: $45.00

This is a great routine service to keep your car looking "just detailed".  We hand wash, clean your wheels and white walls, dress the tires, vac the interior, and wipe down the dash, including windows inside and out. This is a very popular service and the best way to keep your car looking great at all times. Many have this service performed weekly, bi-weekly or as a monthly service.Any "extra attention" requested interior or exterior beyond the included scope of complete wash service will be billed at $90 per hour.




Sadly, most scratches come from improper washing. Well meaning people grind the dirt into their paint job when they attempt to wash their car.

The FOAM BATH  is the only way to wash a car, especially a dark colored car. The pH balanced auto foam shampoo won't create water spots and leaves a streak free finish without scratching.

The  benefit is that the foam soaks away dirt loosening it up so that it can be rinsed away before we continue on with our hand washing.

Thus, greatly reducing marring that would normally occur.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer?  We sell the foam car wash cannons and will be happy to set you up. Take a look at the application below.




Protection Plus Auto Detailing INTERIOR FABRIC/LEATHER GUARD surface protection is a smart choice.

Vehicle interior surfaces are constantly exposed to UV rays, heat, and temperature fluctuations, water and oil based stains, and wear and tear. Our Protection Plus Auto Detailing INTERIOR FABRIC/LEATHER GUARD protection creates a shield against these effects, to help maintain the interior of your vehicle. It extends the life of the interior and is a solid barrier against marks and stains.

Leather Sealant Hiderophobe is a super-hydrophobic nano coating for leather surfaces. It will protect these surfaces, guarding against the absorption of liquids. Our leather sealant hiderophobe also helps prevent dirt and other contamination from adhering to the surface of your car's leather, protecting the surface. This product makes keeping your leather clean a breeze.  Just wipe dirt away with a damp towel. This is how we keep leather looking new.
This is not a leather conditioner.  The sealer is applied on top of leather conditioner to seal out spills and dirt.




Tailor your interior detailing to your needs.

Pick or combine any À LA CARTE INTERIOR PACKAGE for only $65.00

These packages are a smart choice for bi-monthly maintenance or for vehicles that don't require complete interior detailing. 

Express interior: $65:00
• Complete vacuum
• Complete compressed air blow out
• Dash & center console cleaned
• Interior panels cleaned
• Interior panels dressed
• Widows cleaned in and out

Carpet Express: $65
• Steam cleaning freshens carpets
• Removes deep embedded dirt
• Dries Fast - Looks Great!

Express Seat Cleaning: $65
• Leather seats cleaned & conditioned
• Fabric seats shampooed
• Removes non-permanent stains
• Dries quickly

A vehicle is a major purchase. It pays to make sure your vehicle maintains its highest value over the years.
Need wash while you're here? Add $25.00 for a Hand Car Wash treatment. This treatment contains no harsh chemicals and is an ideal way to maintain your car's painted finish.

NOTE: This type of service is designed as maintenance on previous detailings, or well maintained vehicles. Heavily soiled vehicles may cost more.



Hand Car washing is all you need to do between our detailing services. Our Orleans car wash facility and service is among the best on Cape Cod. Automatic carwashes can and do scratch your car's finish. They miss spots on the paint and wheels and generally are not a good idea in the long run.